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  • 18 January 2019 - 21:49

    January 2019 - Inhorep trio and other commissions

    by Giuseppe Pisano

    The year started with a very nice experience:
    Davide Palmentiero, Massimo Varchione, Claudio Panariello and I locked ourself in a house in a remote town on the sea shore of Cilento to record an album. There we spent three days recording improvisations and going around doing field recordings and performing acts in the empty village.
    The piece that will come out of this work will not be acousmatic music, properly recomposed into fixed forms, but more some sort of documentation of our performative nature that we carried out through the years we have been playing together.

    I also started working on a new piece. An Italian pianist from Milan called [Luca Sguera][1] commissioned me a remix of a free jazz piece that he composed for his quartet and provided me with materials to work with. I completely destroyed the piece, removing the drums and substituting the percussive sounds with fireworks recorded on New Year’s eve. Also I altered the interplay between the instruments inserting field recorded materials and playing counterpoints with it. A piano chord, the saxophone doing some extended technique, a car… all woven together in a constant sensual pacing that to me sounded very tempting and luxurious.