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  • 28 January 2020 - 12:55

    January 2020 - A prelude to DASPO

    by Giuseppe Pisano

    After Christmas holidays and coming back to Norway, January has been a month of preparation for a big February to come. Most relevantly, I’ve been working non-stop towards the upcoming release of my first record with the duo DASPO, a duo consisting of me and Davide Palmentiero.
    Davide is a composer, improvisor and guitarist with whom I have had a long collaboration, many concerts, but not any actual work to be released. This work, a 20 min train trip divided into 5 acts, is something we started when we were living together in the Netherlands, a time of relentless work and isolation that produced an insane amount of material. Every sound in that release - with the exception of couple of field recordings and one of the violin tracks - was recorded in the anechoic chamber of the Utrecht School of the Arts. The idea was that every ambience in the record would be digitally made, fake, symbolic and crystal clear, to elaborate the concept of a virtual landscape, the mirror image of our train trips, an idealization of what we would see and hear, with all the mythology and the stylization of our filtered perception.
    The physical copies of our record arrived, ready to be shipped to the people who preordered it, some of them were sent further to magazines, radios and web pages for reviews and plays, we were also starting to publish dates for concerts that we were to do in Italy and Norway in March and April. Things were flowing well and we were expecting a very sparkling February.