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  • 20 March 2019 - 21:49

    March 2019 - Reading List

    by Giuseppe Pisano

    After all the previous activity in January and February, March has been a month of resting and reflection.
    Partially due to school, I used this weeks to attend complementary seminars and classes and to make sure I’d pass the year, but also due to the fact that I really needed some time to read and think.
    It was around this time I decided to commit myself to study soundscapes in a deeper way and to investigate the connections with other fields of study such as architecture, sociology and anthropology. I tried to design a map with books I read and others I wanted to read and I started purchasing them to organize my personal library dedicated to these studies.
    Some of them I already knew, some others I added later, when I discovered them, but I keep this list updated the more I find and the more I read.

    R. Murray Schafer - The tuning of the world
    Barry Truax - Acoustic Communication
    Gernot Böhme - The Aesthetic of Atmospheres
    Jean-Luc Nancy - All’Ascolto (Listening)
    David Monacchi - L’arca dei Suoni Originari (The Ark of Primary Sounds)
    Arne Næss - Ecology, Community and Lifestyle
    Gaston Bachelard - La Poetica dello Spazio (The Poetics of Space)
    Tim Ingold - The Perception of Environment
    Francesco Bergamo - Il disegno del paesaggio sonoro (The Design of Soundscape)
    Gilles Clément - Manifesto del terzo paesaggio (The Third Landscape Manifesto)
    Carlo Serra - La Rappresentazione fra Spazio Musicale e Paesaggio Sonoro (Representation in between Musical Space and Soundscape)
    AA/VV - Ecologia della Musica: Saggi sul Paesaggio Sonoro (Music Ecology - Essays about Soundscape)
    Leandro Pisano - Nuove Geografie del Suono (New Geographies of Sound)
    Steven Feld - Sound and Sentiment
    R. Murray Schafer - 100 Exercises in Listening and Music-Making
    Jacques Attali - Rumori: Saggio sull’Economia Politica della Musica (Noise: The Political Economy of Music)

    To this list I added a series of other books that are not completely related to sound and space but refer to different practices that I found relevant in my studies and explore diverse artistic practices and topics such as silence, emptiness and light linking them to my personal practice.

    Giangiorgio Pasqualotto - L’Estetica del Vuoto (The aesthetic of Emptiness)
    Carlos Marti Aris - Silenzi Eloquenti (Eloquent Silences)
    Jun’ichiro Tanizaki - Libro D’ombra (In praise of Shadows)
    Marc Augè - Non Luoghi (Non-places)
    Peter Zumthor - Atmosfere: Ambienti architettonici. Le cose che ci circondano (Atmospheres: Architectural Environments, Surrounding Objects.)
    Alex Stewart - The Ethnographer’s Method
    Gilles Deleuze - Cos’è un Dispositivo? (What is a Dispositif?)
    Pauline Oliveros - Deep Listening

    Also I collected a series of articles and writings about soundscapes that I found interesting:

    Tim Ingold - Against Soundscape
    Hildegard Westerkamp - Linking Soundscape Composition and Acoustic Ecology
    Bernie Krause - The Niche Hypotesis
    Gregg Wagstaff - What is Acoustic Ecology’s Ecology (only found in Italian)
    David Rothenberg - The musical and the Natural: Expressing Analogies
    Steven Feld - Ethnomusicology and Eco-muse-ecology. Reading R. Murray Schafer in the Papua New Guinea Rainforest.
    M. A. Harley - Notes on Music Ecology: As a new research Paradigm

    I will keep this list updated for times to come and use it as a reference for my further studies.