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  • 2018 - Acousmatic

    chiese, calura e ossa


    Duration: 5’02’’

    To pass noon, pale and thoughtful, 
    near a hot orchard wall,
    to listen among thorns and twigs
    snaps of blackbirds, hisses of snakes.
    (E. Montale)

    The materials for this piece were recorded during a stay in Basilicata - Italy.
    There I mostly travelled inland, exploring the mountains and visiting small villages, in the area of Val Sinni and Aliano, some of which are now totally abandoned.

    There is not a gestures down here, nor the lovely rhetoric of nature and human work. Only a monotonous line of abandoned land, and up there, white houses. (C. Levi)

    The feeling of a feverish microscopic turmoil around me and in the karstic hollow soil below, was so thick and indistinguishable that appeared like a complete stasis and the only recognisable human activity was to be found in the bars were men were drinking and playing cards, distracted only by the church bell.

    This piece has been performed in both his stereo and his 7th Order Ambisonics version at IAC in Malmö – Sweden, and at Sentralen in Oslo – Norway on the 3DA 24.4 array.