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    OEOAS (Orchestra Elettroacustica Officine Arti Soniche – Sonic Art Workshop Electroacoustic Orchestra) was started in 2014 at the Conservatory of Napoli, San Pietro a Majella, when the collective improvisation methods of M° Elio Martusciello, who had just taken up office as a Professor of Electronic Music in Napoli, encountered the local musician’s urge of sharing a performing and experimenting space.

    Everything starts from listening:
    For the electroacoustic musician, constantly facing the difficulty of describing the sounds he uses, analysis is a fundamental step in the composition process. Important attempts to categorize sound began appearing together with the birth of electroacoustic music and evolved along with its development. Pierre Schaeffer’s treatise on musical objects or the articles about Spectro-morphology and Spatio-Morphology by Denis Smalley are just a few examples.
    It should not be surprising then if this analysis and sorting process of possible orchestral musical gestures started right in the electroacoustic composition course.
    Through listening, observing a series of musical behaviours in the classic repertoire and in free improvisation, as well as many examples of influences between instrumental music and electronics, we were able to imagine a vast vocabulary of signs. Through such analysis, we have no other aim than being as complete as possible and to keep up with the evolution of our other musical languages.

    Full text available soon