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  • 2018 - Acousmatic

    scie luminosissime


    Duration: 5’02’’

    “È breve il tempo che resta. Poi
    saremo scie luminosissime.
    E quanta nostalgia avremo
    dell’umano. Come ora ne
    abbiamo dell’infinità.”

    “Brief is the time left to us. Then
    we will be brightest trails.
    And what longing of humanity
    we will have. Like now we
    are longing infinity”
    (Mariangela Gualtieri)

    Scie Luminosissime is a song of emptiness
    It is a blurred watercolour where the contour of each figure blends with the next, generating rarefied atmospheres, memories of the intangible.
    A nostalgic report of my personal regrets.
    My personal and humble homage to the sound of Mike Cooper’s guitar.

    This piece has been performed in its 7th Order Ambisonics version at NMH in Oslo and at KMH in Stockholm on a 45.4 speaker dome.